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DC Comics History: Ben Webster
By Deejay Dayton
Mar 24, 2015 - 7:54

DC Comics


This series appears to be continued from somewhere else, though I have no idea where.  The first panel informs us that Ben Webster, his dog Briar and friend Professor Matt Mattix have just returned from the world of Tammarunich, leaving behind Toby Baxter, Mary Jane and Chippo.  While that could just be fake backstory, I suspect these earlier chapters did exist.

The story is told, like Scribbly and other series in this book, in one page segments, as if it were intended for newspapers.


Not that it really matters much.  Chippo has left a package with them, that contains thousands of dollars, and the story details the Professor`s greedy relatives moving in and forcing Ben out.  Ben finds notes for a thought recorder, and finds another scientist, Mr. Ented, to build it.  They have fun exposing the thoughts of politicians, students and art dealers.  A gang of spies steals the plans, and attacks Ben for the machine, but Mattx has called the Feds in, who save the day.


The last couple of chapters have Mattix open an experimental school for juvenile delinquents, teaching them with kindness.  That storyline will continue) in the upcoming chapters.

This is not a great series, not by any means, but does seem sort of reminiscent of Tintin.  I've been told Tintin was unknown in the US at this time, though I expect it was available in Quebec.

Ben Webster continues in the Early Golden Age

Ben Webster:  All-American 1 - 9 (Apr - Dec 39)

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