Americans: Canadians Say - Stay Home!
By Hervé St-Louis
Nov 9, 2016 - 11:24

Credits: Stephen Byrne
I know this sounds bad but dear Americans, we don't want you here. Your society has been built on the rape of black women, the destruction of native women, and hatred from the start. We Canadians are not perfect but do not want you here.

You messed up your country and now you think that Canada is a safe haven? Safe haven for what; to bring your hatred here? It is not the blacks, the natives, the Muslims, the Latinos who crashed the Immigration Canada server.

It is the white privileged so-called liberal middle-class who thinks that it is entitled to Canada above and beyond the real refugees of the world which my country continues to ignore, even though we try to help a few.

You my American friend do not need my Canada. When faced with Stephen Harper's hatred and dog whistles in 2015, my fellow Canadians and I did the right thing. We kicked his ass out of 24 Sussex Drive.

But you failed to do the same for that buffoon that you will now call President. You failed your children, women, Muslims, Natives, Latinos, Blacks, gays, lesbians, disabled, and trans, believing others would vote against evil, allowing you to cast your silly protest vote against a woman whose only crime was that she was born with a vagina.

This is hatred against yourself, against women, your mother, your sister, your daughters, your nieces, your grandma, your aunt, your wife, and your girlfriend.

I have zero pity for you. You really fucked all of us. We Canadians will continue to help the poor and those in the world that really need us. But you do not need us. You criticize our laws, our culture, yet think you can find refuge here.

No. You have work to do. You must stop the worst villain from winning and you cannot do that if you leave those who cannot fight for themselves to this monster.

I don't hate you at all. But your responsibility is to fight evil. You disrespect Canada, anyway and know nothing of us. Why do you think that you are entitled to a deal?

And mark my words, you will vote for the buffoon a second time. This is in your nature. You cannot help yourself.

We Canadians will endure because the wrath of your president-elect will quickly come for us too. We are not safe at home. He will want our water, our riches and will bully us. We have to mind our own country now, and cannot deal with your BS.

I don't hate you. But you are so out of touch with the world. I have the duty to educate and prepare my female, gay, Muslim, Asian, brown, disabled, and black students against fear while telling my white straight students to be Canadians and be better than you were.

I don't want to deal with your angst. I have to help my fellow Canadians and the real refugees of the world who need our help. You made your own mess. Now go and fix it. 

Stay home and stay safe.

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