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DC Comics History: Wyoming Kid (1960 - 1964: the Silver Age)

By Deejay Dayton
Jun 1, 2017 - 8:29


The Wyoming Kid had debuted in the first issue of Western Comics, and stayed around until the final issue, which came during the period 1960 – 1964: the Silver Age. From being the cover feature for many years, he ended his tenure in the interior pages, but still had a couple of interesting stories to tell.


In Western Comics 79 the Wyoming Kid has to deal with a safe cracker he caught and sent to prison years earlier. The guy is out now, and wants revenge. He has an intricate plan, stealing a gold watch that was going to be given to the Wyoming Kid as a gift, and then planting the watch with money a different crook stole.


He gives the Wyoming Kid a lead to the cave where the money is, and then aims to follow the Kid, kill him, and steal the stolen loot. The plan works well, except for the killing the Wyoming Kid part. All the hero has to do is throw his hat to mess up the bad guy’s aim. Then he brings both men in, and finally gets his watch.


In issue 84 the Wyoming Kid gets the help of an old lawman, famous for being able to throw a lasso in a figure eight pattern. The Kid is hunting down a pair of thieves, and is hoping the old man will be of use, as he knows the territory.


When the climax comes, the old lawman shows his skills have not faded, and by throwing the figure eight pattern captures both men at once when they disarm the Kid and are about to kill him. It’s kind of a let down when we learn that the Wyoming Kid had no faith in the guy’s ability to do this, and had a hidden gun ready to bring them down anyway.


The Wyoming Kid’s long running series comes to an end in Western Comics 85, and explains why he never takes reward money, but manages to survive. Over the course of this final tale he tells an inquisitive young boy various stories of his life, and the people that he aided, and how they were so grateful they just kept giving him things, and refusing to charge him. It's an awfully strange economic system that the Wyoming Kid lives by. 


And as it is the basis for his final adventure, we must assume that it backfired somewhere along the way.  As the Wyoming Kid got older (and recall, he's been a wandering adult for thirteen years in this book), he would have become a far less competent gunslinger.  People would have stopped providing him everything for free.  There is a sad ending here, no matter how you cut it.  Either he starved to death, or wound up turning to crime to support himself. 

Wyoming Kid: Western Comics 79 – 85 (Jan/Feb 60 – Jan/Feb 61)

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