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The Flash S06E14 Review

By Deejay Dayton
March 11, 2020 - 09:13


Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) is back in this week’s Flash, but is not the only returning character. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is back as well, and some villains make returns as well, in different ways.

The absence of Kid Flash during Crisis on Infinite Earths made me think we wouldn’t be seeing Lonsdale again, but I am glad that that was not the case. They have changed his Wally West quite a bit. The time he has spent in the monastery has basically changed the character into Max Mercury, for those who have read a lot of Flash comics. The Zen Master of Speed. It was a wise decision, both in that it makes Kid Flash quite different from Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), but it also provides Lonsdale with a more grounded character to play. He was good, but never my favourite, as the moody, then flighty, Wally West, and his brief tenure on Legends of Tomorrow didn’t win me over, either. This week his performance had a lot more depth and subtlety.


On the other hand, there was not a lot of change in Cisco, and the character himself bemoans that. But that’s ok, he winds up in a surprising confrontation with Welles (Tom Cavanaugh) by the end of the episode.

There is a new incarnation of the Turtle this week as well, but that almost seemed pro forma. The needed villain of the week. The other plot threads were far more interesting to follow.

I had only one big problem with this week’s episode, and that centred on the photograph of the mirror Iris (Candice Patton). In the cell phone saturated world that we live in, I find it difficult to believe that no one has taken a picture with her in it before now, even just in the background. And Iris is a somewhat public figure. People know of her through her website. I don’t want to say too much, but it’s the one thing I found hard to swallow.

Rating: 9 /10

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