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Sinestro - Year of the Villain #1 Review

By Deejay Dayton
August 9, 2019 - 12:42


Mark Russell and Yildray Cinar turn in a very interesting Sinestro special, a one shot tying in to the Year of the Villain storyline running through DC Comics this year.

Luthor gives Sinestro the mission to get rid of the Paragons, an alien species who Luthor fears might be a threat to his plans. The Paragons are virtually indestructible, thanks to an extremely tiny species, the Microns, who both worships and serve the Paragons, repairing all damage to their bodies.

Sinestro attempts to turn the Microns against the Paragons, but without any success. He has to try some more subtle and devious methods to achieve his goals. Which he then does.


That’s about it as far as plot goes, but that’s fine. The joy in this issue is watching the way Sinestro manipulates the Microns. His actions appear benevolent at first. Not just appear, really, he actually does improve their lives. But it’s all a bit like populism, in that Sinestro’s goals are not in any way in the best interests of the Microns. He just needs to make them believe that they are, and then he can start twisting things, making them fall willingly under his control, and achieve his actual goal of defeating the Paragons.

It reads a bit like a political allegory, although one would be hard pressed to draw any direct parallels. But I like that, I like that the story deals with Sinestro in terms of his intelligence and cunning, rather than just his ring wielding abilities. His villainy is more potent because he is able to influence others to do his will.

The story reads well as a one shot on its own, even if one had not been following Year of the Villain at all, which is another plus.

Rating: 9 /10

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