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Shade, the Changing Girl #2 Review

By Deejay Dayton
Nov 6, 2016 - 10:57

Shade, the Changing Girl continues to be an interesting book in its second issue.  Second issues are not easy, and this one is not quite as instantly engaging as the first.  But Castellucci spends the story exploring how Shade is adjusting to life in Meghan’s body.

While the first issue could play up all the weirdness of the situation, this issue delves into a lot of the smaller details, the human physical experiences that Shade is completely unfamiliar with.

And while Meghan’s parents get largely sidelined in this issue, we do get to see a lot more of her high school life, and friends.  Although friends may be perhaps too strong a word.

Former friends, and boyfriends, simply are at a loss when it comes to Shade’s odd behaviour, and those that she tormented as Meghan do not trust her, either.  It’s Shade’s good fortune, and that of the reader as well, that there is a new boy in school, one who only arrived after Meghan went into her coma, so there is no history between them, and he is able to interact with Shade without all the baggage.

The normal traumas of high school life get an added boost, thanks to the Madness Vest, which Shade is nowhere near being able to control.
Mellu has a scene back on Meta which fills in more about the Vest, and its tendency to kill the wearer, and/or drive them insane.

We also learn a little bit more about the swimming accident that put Meghan into her coma, although Shade does not seem too interested in pursuing that plot line yet.

I also have to commend the art, by Zarcone and Parks.  While much of the book feels completely real and down to Earth, the artists use this to highlight the more psychedelic elements when they happen.

A solid second issue, if not as gripping as the first.

Rating: 8 /10

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