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Lucifer Season 4


By Deejay Dayton
May 25, 2019 - 7:28

It’s been a long time coming, but Lucifer has returned to tv with a 10 episode season, available on Netflix.

I was very glad to see the series back on the air. It was clever and engaging, with some superb acting, and a twisted sense of humour. The third season ended with Lucifer rescuing Chloe, revealing his wings and his true nature. Yes, he had been telling Chloe that he was the devil right from the very beginning, but now she finally understood that this was true.

The fourth season picks up a few months later. Chloe went on a trip to process this information, but returns, ready to act on what she now knows is true.
As before, each episode also contains a murder mystery, which Lucifer inevitably turns into being about some personal issue that he is dealing with.

While I did enjoy this season a lot, the mysteries just didn’t seem on par with those of previous seasons. I believe this was simply due to the comparative brevity of the season. There is as much character development as there had been in previous seasons, but now much more of each episode is devoted to it, in order to fit it in to the ten episodes. This results in less time for the mysteries, which are now pretty simple to figure out.

I hope, if there is a fifth season, that they make the mysteries last two or three episodes. This would give time to develop them sufficiently.

Tom Ellis seems to adore playing Lucifer. He embraces the character, and this permeates every shot that he is in. Going from network to Netflix means looser censorship, and his nicely defined backside is on display in a couple of episodes. Aside from that, we also see him dealing with Eve in this season, his first “girlfriend,” from the Garden of Eden.

Eve is played by Inbar Avi, and is a very different character from the Eve who appears in DC Comics. This one is a party girl, long repressed by her arranged marriage with Adam. She comes to Earth to reignite the passion she once felt, placing herself firmly between Lucifer and Chloe.

Lauren German’s Chloe is as important to the series as Ellis’ Lucifer. While he provides a lot of crazy fun of the series, she gives the needed grounding, a character that the audience is able to relate to. Chloe may have taken some time to accept what she has learned about Lucifer, but she still finds dealing with him, and her contradictory feelings about him, a challenge.

I really love the chemistry between the two. If they didn’t have such a spark, this series would not have lasted as long as it did.

But the supporting players are just as important in making the series work. Kevin Alejandro’s Dan is dealing with his grief over the death of Charlotte Richards, DB Woodside’s Amenadiel and Rachael Harris’ Dr Linda got into a relationship during the previous season, and find they have more in common that they thought in this one.
Aimee Garcia’s Ella has usually added a bubbly positivity in her appearances, but in this season she has a crisis of faith, which allows her to round her character out a bit more than she has.

By far my favourite supporting cast member is Lesley-Ann Brandt, as the demon Mazikeen. She’s a scene stealer, in the best possible way. While she continues her work as a bounty hunter, we also get to see her do her best to be a supportive friend to Dr Linda, with frequently hilariously inappropriate results.

If you haven’t been watching the series before now, Netflix has the previous seasons available. This is the kind of show that benefits from being watched from the beginning, so I am very glad that they did this.

Hopefully, the move to Netflix will bring this wonderful show a new audience. It certainly deserves to keep going. But even if it doesn’t, the fourth season does bring the story to a strong resolution, even if it is not a particularly happy one.

Rating: 9.5 /10

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Last Updated: May 25, 2019 - 6:32

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