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Krypton S02E02 Review

By Deejay Dayton
June 21, 2019 - 11:48


Things are really looking good with the second episode of Krypton this season. True, the best parts of the show centre on Lobo, but even the other scenes are building well, and I am very glad that one of my favourite characters from the first season returned.

Lobo, Adam Strange and Seg-El spend this episode on Colu, and the dynamic between the three is highly entertaining. Each one plays perfectly off the other two, and one gets the sense that Cuffe, Sipon, and Scanlan were all having a great time in their scenes. The writing is tight, finding a lot of humour to highlight, and is commendable for the research they did to get things right when it comes to Lobo. His pronunciations really add to the fun, and clue in anyone who hasn’t figured out where Seg-El’s name comes from.


Ann Ogbomo did an exceptional job as Jayna Zod in the first season, and I was saddened not to see her in last week’s episode. But she is back, and better than ever in this one. She gets a great monologue, relating the legend of the Flamebird. This is another example of the research done by the writer, as the story derives from the New Krypton arc from a few years ago. Jayna has come to realize that the Zod way of doing things is not the best choice, and has decided to rectify things.
That will prove difficult, as her daughter Lyta is now in charge of training the Saggitauri, who are hunting for Doomsday. Training is needed, as the monster has been killing some of the newer recruits.

There are some really good science fiction visuals in this episode as well. I was very impressed with the space elevator linking Krypton with the moon of Wegthor, which will be an important location this season. Val-El and Jax-Ur get joined by Nyssa Vex, who has been blackmailed into spying on them by General Zod. This story arc is a bit more predictable, though it is also setting up a good triangle with Nyssa, her child by Seg-El, and Lyta.

But even when the storyline lacks some spark, the acting never does. I’m not sure what has lead to this uptick in performance from the previous season. Perhaps the cast are just a bit more excited about the show than they were. For whatever reason, one notices the strength of the performances, even when the show dips into soap opera.


I am really enjoying the Seg-El/Adam Strange/Lobo parts, and I am glad that their storyline looks to keep them away from Krypton for at least the next few episodes. Their scenes play in such contrast to the rest of the episode, which is to the benefit of all three actors. And, in turn, keeping them away from Krypton gives the rest of the cast a bit more opportunity to show what they can do.

It’s a remarkably good balance that the show has achieved.

Rating: 9 /10

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