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Krypton S02E04 Review

By Deejay Dayton
July 5, 2019 - 12:00


This second season just keeps getting better and better. There is no Lobo in the fourth episode, but now the show no longer needs him to get me interested in what is going on. I hope (and expect) he will show up again before the season is through, but the series is on a firm footing now without him.

Seg-El and Adam Strange are back on Krypton, and they split up, each going into a different plot thread. Seg heads back to Kandor, where he is re-united with Lyta-Zod. Adam winds up joining the rebels on Wegthor, as they fall into the trap so neatly laid out for them by Nyssa.

Cameron Cuffe gets a shave, so he is back to how he looked last season. Still, he no longer is playing the boyish innocent. Hard to tell if he has grown into the role, or whether he is simply being given better stuff to do, but his performance impressed me yet again. Seg’s excited reunion with Lyta starts to take a wrong turn the moment he finds out she is now raising his child by Nyssa, and we see him fight to maintain his hopeful outlook as he learns the extent of her and Dru-Zod’s mental control of the Kandorians.


Ian McElhenny and Hannah Waddingham also continue to shine in their roles. Val-El has the same optimism as his grandson, but Jax-Ur shows herself more ruthless when it comes to the rebellion, creating a breach between the two by the end of the episode.

And I have to admit that I even enjoyed Rasmus Hardicker as Kem in this one. He drove me nuts in the first season, and while he still gets played for laughs, he is given some depth, and some decent material to work with. I still wouldn’t cry if his character got killed off, but I no longer cringe when he comes on the screen.


This episode also gives a great role to Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em. His was another character that failed to impress me in the first season. The last episode brought him into Jayna-Zod’s storyline, and in this one we learn how he wound up going awol from the Saggitauri. I’m sure it helps that he got to act opposite the wonderful Ann Ogbomo, but even so the depth that was added to his character has made him so much more well-rounded. I am not sure where they are planning on taking Jayna and Dev in the remainder of this season, but these two look to be a powerhouse of a team, acting-wise.

I will admit that I saw a few of this episode’s twists coming a mile away. That can be really bothersome, if there is nothing more to keep one entertained. It’s the strength of the performances that made me enjoy waiting for the things I was expecting to take place.

Rating: 8.5 /10

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