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DC Comics History: Kit Carson

By Deejay Dayton
Apr 20, 2017 - 10:02


Of the three series that ran in Frontier Fighters during the period 1955 – 1959: Dawn of the Silver Age, Kit Carson is the one that impressed me the least, both in terms of story and art. Possibly, it may also have been because I recognize the name only vaguely.


As I learned in his debut story (and confirmed with Wikipedia), Kit Carson was a scout for the cavalry down in Sante Fe (Fort Santa Fe in these stories), where he fights the Apache. One cannot help but notice that in every single one of the Frontier Fighters series the heroes are white men actively involved in stealing land from the natives, and those fighting to forestall invasion are the bad guys.  In this instance, the big concern is that the attacks by the natives will force the whites to have to detour and go out of their way as they proceed west. 


Well, that's certainly a good enough reason to kill them all. There may be nice art on these stories, but the "manifest destiny" (ie - white supremacy) makes them almost unbearable.  What is even more bizarre is the constant insistence of the heroes that the whites just want to live in peace with the natives.  As if it is the natives fault for having the nerve to defend their land.


In Frontier Fighters 2 the Apache have had Fort Santa Fe under siege for days.  Kit Carson sneaks out at night to spy on the Apache and learns their plans. They were prepared to attack the very next day.  So Kit steals their horses, ruining their plans, and then brings the horses triumphantly back to the fort.  That'll show those pesky natives.


Kit Carson's story in issue 3 deals with an approaching war party, and the various couriers that Carson sends out to alert people, monitor the war party, and call in the cavalry. It's not quite up to par with the other two stories in the issue, and easily skippable.  That’s true for most of his stories. So you know what? I’m going to skip them.


Kit Carson deals with a deserter in his final tale, in Frontier Fighters 8. The young boy is simply scared, which causes him to try to ride off.  Kit Carson is intending to bring him back, but they wind up having to deal with the Apache.  At one point, the deserter takes off again, but he insists this was to try to capture a pair of Apache scouts.  Who will Carson trust?


Well, obviously the white guy.  Yes, the natives are lying and are really advance scouts for the Apache.  The white kid is taken to the stockade, but escapes in order to prove himself by fighting the evil Apache.

Kit Carson: Frontier Fighters 1 – 8 (Sept/Oct 55 – Nov/Dec 56)

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