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Justice League of America #9 Review

By Deejay Dayton
Jun 29, 2017 - 22:13

Well, there are things I really like about Justice League of America 9. There is also one thing I really do not like.

Let’s start with the positives. I am really enjoying the way that Orlando is developing the notion that this League finds new ways of doing things, and is more about helping and looking at the bigger picture. This started with the way Batman assembled his team, recruiting Killer Frost to give her a fresh start. It played out in the Extremist storyline, with the way they aided the people of the country to achieve the goal that they desired, rather than the League imposing their own solution. In the Aegeus storyline, we saw them dealing with the way harsh economic realities drove a town into supporting a madman. In this story arc, the League finds a way to save lives, and also to save a soul, in a way. The bigger picture, the driving force behind their actions.

I also commend the art on this one, by Watanabe and Hanna. I particularly enjoy the parallel camera shots of the people at Makson’s party, before and after they realize that they have been brought to the slaughter.

And, although I may be wrong, I think the Makson story was serving as an introduction to SKULL, who I expect to be a major problem for the League down the road.

I am really liking the way Lobo is used. In this instance, his version of romantic advice to the Atom is horrifyingly graphic, and amusing for being so.


Would Makson, who is not a being with some major super powers, really be able to go toe to toe with the League for as long as he does? He is, basically, Tarzan. As savage and intent as he is in the fight scene, I found it difficult to credit that the League would not have taken this guy down in a panel or two, unless there was some distraction, someone weakening them, magic, 5th dimensional imps, or SOME form of explanation to balance the wildly divergent power level.

It’s really the only one negative that I have about this issue. Sadly, it’s a pretty big one.

Rating: 6.5 /10

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