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Justice League Odyssey #10 Review

By Deejay Dayton
Jun 13, 2019 - 19:40


In some ways, there is nothing very special about the latest issue of Justice League Odyssey. Starfire, Cyborg, Azrael and Green Lantern travel around gathering up the relics they need for Sepulkore, the ritual Darkseid is going to perform to protect the Multiverse.

But it’s very nature, the simple, straightforward tale that advances a relatively clear plot, is a refreshing change for this book. Abnett has taken a couple of issues to get his ducks in a line, so to speak, and now is able to tell a perfectly decent, coherent tale.

It’s sad that the bar has been set so low for this book that an average issue comes across as a really good one.

Ok, that was unfair. This is a good issue. The four heroes get placed into different two person groups as the story plays out, allowing conversations that reflect the growing distrust among the team members. Both Starfire and Azrael have had their powers boosted by Darkseid, and both have come to embrace their new abilities. Green Lantern and Cyborg cannot fully trust that they will not turn on Darkseid when the critical moment comes, to prevent him from wielding all the power of Sepulkore.

And there is enough distrust that I will now be disappointed if at least one of the heroes doesn’t wind up taking Darkseid’s side when the time is reached. Too much build up not to have a pay off.

I’m very glad that Abnett was able to get this book back onto the rails, and do so without discarding the work that had been done before he took over. He has risen to the challenge, and made this an enjoyable book again.

Rating: 8.5 /10

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