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Justice League #4 Review

By Deejay Dayton
Jul 19, 2018 - 9:24


Snyder and Jimenez execute another hugely entertaining issue of Justice League, with the fourth chapter of the Totality story.

Even though this is an action packed story, there are still a lot of good character moments, some real shocks and suspense, and even a bit of humour.

One touch that I particularly appreciated was subtly set up last issue, when we learned that Sinestro had been looking for a lost relic of Xotar. Xotar was one of the League’s earliest foes, facing them in the last of the three Brave and the Bold try-out issues. Xotar had a few weapons that he used against the fledgling Justice League, and although none of them actually appear in this story, the effect of one of those weapons does occur during a big fight scene in this issue.


Geez, did I say that all in a roundabout enough way? I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but I do want commend Snyder for the deft way he set up, and played out, a reference to one of the first stories of the team.

The Legion of Doom are used well, for the most part. Grodd is given a bit more focus in this one, and I trust that Cheetah and Black Manta, who have been kept largely to the sidelines, will get some shining moments themselves before the story is done.


I also very much enjoyed the sequence with the Martian Manhunter, and the revelation/explanation of the living memory of Mars. The character’s first appearance is probably my favourite panel in the story, and also one of the few that is not frenetic. As I said, there is a lot of action in this tale, a lot of fight scenes.

That’s not a bad thing, and the art does make the most of it. The tale ends with a particularly eerie illustration by Jimenez. The colouring, by Alejandro Sanchez, is critical for pulling off the mood of the finale.

Well done all around.

Rating: 9.5 /10

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