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Freedom Fighters #5 Review

By Deejay Dayton
May 11, 2019 - 22:12

The latest issue of the Freedom Fighters looks backwards, filling the reader in on some of the history of Earth-X, and the first incarnation of that team.

There have already been a few mentions of an earlier grouping of Freedom Fighters, one that did not survive. We saw a flashback to the death of Doll Man in the previous issue, and here we get to see just who defeated and destroyed Uncle Sam’s original group of heroes.

I like the notion that there was a first group who got killed. That ties in very nicely with the former continuity, as established by Roy Thomas in All-Star Squadron, of Uncle Sam’s team falling to the Japanese just after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

One minor spoiler, something I just have to comment on. I have always really liked Ray Terrill as the Ray, and he does make a cameo in this story. But he, or someone wearing his distinctive costume, is part of that dead line up. Darn. I hope it’s a tease, and we will get to see him alive and radiant before the miniseries concludes.

I am assuming that everyone knows that the Freedom Fighters are derived from the heroes DC bought from Quality Comics. If not, you do now. I mention this because the War Wheel, a machine that can never be used too often in my eyes, shows up in this issue as well. The Blackhawks, who were also Quality Comics characters, were the ones who used to face that deadly machine, so it’s appearance here is perfectly appropriate.

For that matter, so is the big villain we are introduced to, although in a different sort of way. I won’t spoil that surprise, so just go buy the issue now.

Rating: 9.5 /10

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