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Doom Patrol/Justice League of America #1 Review


By Deejay Dayton
March 4, 2018 - 07:11

What a great finale!

I have to admit that I found the Milk Wars a bit of a mixed bag. I suppose that was inevitable. I enjoyed the volumes that used the Young Animals books that I follow far more than the ones with characters that don’t grab me as much.

The final issue pays everything off, bringing together the Justice League with Cave Carson, Mother Panic, Shade, the Changing Girl and the Doom Patrol for the final battle against Retconn.

Manga Khan, who was set up in the Justice League/Doom Patrol issue that started off the Milk Wars, returns for the finale. In the first issue, his role was delightful, but minor. In this issue, the purpose behind his appearance pays off in the climax.

And while some of the Milk Wars stuff went hog wild into craziness, all really does become clear in the finale. That was, frankly, a relief. I wanted to love this, and was able to enjoy it without qualification.

The issue also pays off all the set-up with Rita Farr, in a way that I truly was not expecting.

The resolution of this crossover series makes the reason behind it clear. Each of the Young Animals books undergoes a change, in one way or another, as this comes to a close. For some it is a matter of changing location, for others a change of line-up. For all, the changes look to either improve the book, or give it a new slant.

The Young Animals books definitely deserve to be given a chance, or a second chance. The Milk Wars succeeded in creating a really fun story that will, hopefully, pay off with increased readership.

Rating: 10 /10

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