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Death of Hawkman #2 Review


By Deejay Dayton
Nov 2, 2016 - 15:07

I made fun of the first issue of this miniseries for devoting pretty much all its attention to Adam Strange, despite being titled for Hawkman.  Andreyko and Lopresti provide a more fair and balanced second issue, with both of the heroes getting time on the page.

But I have to admit, I still find the Adam Strange parts more engaging than the Hawkman parts.  Rann and Thanagar are now enmeshed in a war, each side blaming the other.  While there is enough to convince the reader that Despero is somehow manipulating this situation, exactly how and why remains unclear.
And of course, the two heroes are at least a full step behind the readers. 

Hawkman is either violent or sulky for much of this issue, when not picking up a random woman in a bar.  It’s Adam Strange who really continues to drive the plot.  He has to stand up to Alanna and the other Pro-war Rannians.  It’s interesting to see Adam having to be dishonest and deceptive with Alanna, simply to keep the peace.  Her rage at everything Thanagarian is comprehensible after the death of her father, and she is not able to see how she and others are being played.

Incidentally, I do want to say that I think killing off Sardath was a terrible idea.  There are only two supporting characters in the Adam Strange world, really.  To get rid of one leaves a void.  This was tried before, back in the 90s, when Alanna got killed off.  It lead to a stagnation for the character.

But that is my major qualm about this issue.  And though I do prefer the Adam Strange parts to the Hawkman parts, overall this was a satisfying read.

Rating: 9 /10

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