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DC Comics History: Darwin Jones (1952 - 1955: We Don't Need Another Hero)

By Deejay Dayton
Oct 1, 2016 - 11:00


Darwin Jones, the head of the Bureau of Scientific Investigation, appeared in two stories during the period 1952 – 1955: We Don’t Need Another Hero, both in the pages of Strange Adventures.  His strip carried no name or logo, nor was it treated as though it were any sort of continuing series.  The character had not appeared for four years when the first tale from this period was released, it was a nearly a year before the second one.


The Darwin Jones story in Strange Adventures 48 deals with a mysterious man who demonstrates amazing shooting skills while wearing a metal blindfold.  But that's because he has no eyes!  Oh no!  We discover that this guy, Trogg, is from an underground world of eyeless people who are plotting to take over the surface world.  They have developed weapons that create fields of darkness, which really mess up sighted people.  The police turn to the Bureau of Scientific Investigation, and it's chief, Darwin Jones.


So Jones really only shows up to save the day, and in the last few pages of the story.  He finds Trogg's mole machine, which he used to reach the surface.  Jones reverses the controls, so he says, although really he must do far more than that.  When Trogg gets back into the craft and turns it on, it shoots him into space.  Not hearing from Trogg, the others give up their plans.


The Darwin Jones story in Strange Adventures 58 is largely played for laughs.  A bit of a shame, as there is a decent idea in there.  Jones gets contacted by an alien from the planet Torg, who lets him know that another alien from his world has come to Earth to steal a deadly weapon. So Darwin Jones spends the story trying to arrest the alien.  But the guy keeps proving that he isn't breaking the law.  This plays out over and over, and I guess it's mildly humourous, although completely absurd that one would need to arrest a blatantly green skinned creature from another world on charges like jaywalking or vagrancy.


And it is jaywalking that they get him on, once realizing that he is colour blind.  The better element to the story, which only comes into play on the final page, is the deadly weapon, which turns out to be a pair of matches.  The planet Torg has an atmosphere of almost pure oxygen, and a fire would threaten to destroy their world.

Darwin Jones returns in the next period, 1955 – 1959: Dawn of the Silver Age.

Darwin Jones: Strange Adventures 48, 58 (Sept. 54, July 55)

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