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DC Comics History: Black Canary (1964 - 1967: The New Look)


By Deejay Dayton
December 22, 2019 - 10:22


Black Canary rapidly became a regular feature of the Justice League/Justice Society crossovers during the period 1964 – 1967: the New Look. She also appeared in two issues of Brave and the Bold, teaming up with Starman. While these tales are not ground breaking in and of themselves, they did reveal that Dinah Drake had married Larry Lance, and laid groundwork for other developments that would play on these issues, the first one in particular.

As the entries for both Black Canary and Starman comprise of just these two issues, I devoted the Starman entry to Brave and the Bold 62, and will look at issue 61 here.


The Murphy Anderson art is just superb on this tale. Dinah has married her old flame, but it's Ted Knight that Dinah spends all her time with in this and the following issue, although Larry doesn't seem to mind. Dinah is being used by the Mist, by pure coincidence.  He has no idea of her alternate identity, or connection to his old foe.  He has hypnotized her, and is using her flowers as part of a mind control plan, having ordinary people unknowingly commit his thefts for him. It takes Black Canary and Starman a while to figure out the plan.  Once they do they go straight into action.  Starman gives Black Canary a miniature version of his cosmic rod, so that she can contact him. 

This is seeming more and more like an illicit romance between the two, even though it all happens in front of Larry Lance's face.  No wonder James Robinson would recast this and the following issue as taking place while the two were having an affair. When not exchanging presents, Black Canary and Starman face off against the Mist and his men.  Starman gets taken down, and it's up to Black Canary to defeat the Mist's men and destroy his mind control machine.  Starman does wake up in time to take down his old foe.


In issue 62 Black Canary and Starman faced off against the Huntress and Sportsmaster, a married pair of Earth-2 villains, which is discussed further in the Starman entry.

Black Canary: Brave and the Bold 61 – 62 (Aug/Sept – Oct/Nov 1965)

Next up – King Faraday!

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