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Bug: The Adventures of Forager #4 Review

By Deejay Dayton
Sep 22, 2017 - 9:59

Oh, my gosh, this issue was so worth the wait.

Up to this point, Bug: the Adventures of Forager has been splashing around in a pool of Kirbymania. With this story, the jets get put on high, and it becomes a veritable whirlpool.

While I spent the book squealing with delight, there are some very obscure things that the Allreds play with in this tale, so I feel it is my duty to explain some of the lesser known elements of Deadman during the early 70s.
After the famous run of the character in the pages of Strange Adventures, Deadman had a brief back-up series in Aquaman, and then appeared in two issues of Forever People. During the Aquaman run Deadman encountered a woman, Tatsinda, who was also a strange cat-rat creature in another dimension. Later, with the Forever People, Deadman was given a robotic “follower” and his spirit merged with it, thanks to one of Serifan’s cosmic cartridges. During this time, a reboot of the Deadman series was attempted. It was explained that the Hook who Deadman caught up with in Strange Adventures was not his actual killer, that the hook was on the wrong hand. Deadman was once again on the trail of the man who murdered him.
But then, after the Forever People tales, there was no sign of the “follower,” nor any mention of “real” killer.

Not content with merely executing a hugely entertaining story, the Allreds decided to actually resolve those dangling plot threads in this issue.

Toss in the Sandman from the Dreamdome, Kobra, the Manhunters, Mokkari and Dr. Spider, and there is so much Kirby dripping from these pages one ought to need a sponge to soak it all up.

I have decided there is one really horrible, sad, soul killing aspect to this series, though. It’s only a miniseries. Whatever will I do when it ends? My life will feel empty.

Rating: 10 /10

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