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Justice League #1 Review


By Deejay Dayton
June 13, 2018 - 20:16

Well, it’s time for another Justice League #1. I’m honestly not even sure how many books have had that title now. Seems like every couple of years there is a new reboot.

This one is OK. Not great, not dismal. Snyder, Cheung and Morales seem to want to bring back popular elements from previous Leagues. The line-up resembles that of the classic team, with Hawkgirl and Cyborg the notable additions. The Martian Manhunter is given a place of preference, which is what this issue’s story centres on.

The Hall of Justice is back, along with the notion that the building is higher tech, and higher security, than it appears to be. The meeting room is sort of virtual, and makes me think of the secret meeting room in the Justice League that came right before Flashpoint.

There are an awful lot of cameos in the book, and it feels like that will be a regular feature. I was very pleased to see the Justice League from DC One Million, characters with a lot of unused potential. I was a bit concerned to see Kamandi appearing “5,000 years” into the future. Kamandi was never set that far ahead, not even close. While I hope that was a teaser for an upcoming story, which will see Kamandi travel into the distant future, I suspect it was just sloppy writing.

Vandal Savage plays the main villain in this tale, though there are a number of bad guys who also cameo.

I always really want to love Justice League. It was one of the very first comics I fell in love with, so many years ago. So I live in eternal hope of enjoying every incarnation. I have been disappointed before.

This time around? Well, there are a lot of positive signs. A few things that concern me. I couldn’t help but notice a similarity to the launch of the last run, Bryan Hitch’s version, with the League fretting about an upcoming world changing event. At least we won’t have to wait nearly as long to find out what is going on this time around.

Rating: 7.5 /10

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