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Titans #15 Review

By Deejay Dayton
Sep 13, 2017 - 8:36

Ok, I usually do my best to avoid spoilers in reviews, but there is absolutely no way that I can discuss Titans 15 without discussing the end, and giving something really big away. So if you want a spoiler-free review, don’t read this one!

It’s not so big a surprise to find out that, despite the conclusion of the previous issue, Nightwing has not really turned on the Titans. Although we, and Roy Harper, caught him communicating with HIVE, Dick Grayson quickly explains that he is simply pretending to have joined them to learn more about their plans. He functioned well as a decoy, as there had been a period, during the classic New Teen Titans years, when Dick did wind up working with Brother Blood.

The conclusion re-affirms that there is an actual traitor among the Titans. By that point, Nightwing and Lilith have been eliminated from suspicion, so I think it pretty much has to be Bumblebee, although I expect it is some deep mental conditioning that Karen Beecher is unaware of.

Another mystery is brewing as well, with members of the team being captured by someone who leaves feathers behind. My best guess at that is Mr. Twister.
Ok, I think I have gone far enough down that I can now discuss the big thing in the issue, the death of Wally West.

I had enjoyed the element of him getting his heart condition, as that, too, brought back a plot from the New Teen Titans period. But no way did I expect him to get killed off.

I have a real problem with it, too. Either Wally will quickly be brought back, or not. But Wally was just brought back from non-existence when Rebirth began! To kill him off now makes his entire return a waste. But to bring him back soon makes this death a waste. Either way, this development does not look like it will turn out well.

If Dan Abnett has some clever way out of this I will be the first to cheer him. I just don’t think that is likely.

Rating: 7.5 /10

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