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Titans #2

By Deejay Dayton
Sep 4, 2016 - 20:04

The Titans take on the Titans in the second issue of their new series, thanks to the magic of Abra Kadabra.  Having the heroes fight alternate versions of themselves is nothing new in comics, but it’s a solid and entertaining concept when executed properly.  Abnett, Booth and Rapmund pull off the battle with exactly the emotional moments it requires.

Excellent use is also made of Linda Park.  Wally West remains at the core of the story, and even Abra Kadabra realizes the importance of Linda in the larger picture.  While Linda herself begins to have her memories of the pre-New 52 universe, and her relationship with Wally, restored.

The Titans created by Abra Kadabra wear, for the most part, the old uniforms of the heroes, so it’s always clear which of each pair is the “real” hero.  As has been the case throughout this Titans revival, Dick Grayson is placed in a Robin costume he never actually wore, the Tim Drake suit.  I’m not sure why they made the decision to do this.  It’s been going on for too many issues (previously in flashback scenes) for it to be a simple mistake.  It’s clearly an editorial choice.

There are a few really great moments in the story, times when the older Titans play on the emotional weaknesses of their younger counterparts in order to triumph.  Kid Flash’s arrogance and Wonder Girl’s romantic insecurities negate the strength of their abilities.

The two Liliths, old and young, get some of the key moments in the story, as the Titans discover that Abra Kadabra is behind their younger incarnations.

A solid cliffhanger rounds out the issue.  Fully entertaining from start to finish.

Rating: 9 /10

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