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On Archer and Boredom

By Zak Edwards

I'm bored of Archer. Almost as much as Archer itself. That's not to say that the show wasn't exciting, that it didn't develop into something truly wonderful. Quite the opposite. What started as a spy parody, initially met with some well-deserved side-eye, grew into a quippy masterclass on recurring jokes and unconventional punchlines. Its writing was surgical, its cast incredible and, while the latter remains, Archer is obviously bored. The boredom started with its premise but has now consumed its last remaining strength, its characters. I'm saying goodbye. Archer's tenuous relationship with its original premise started after four seasons of spy parody, although you can see its unrest earlier. In those early days, it built a world on that genre's rich history and populated it with terrible people that were nothing but joyous to watch. For four seasons, that more or less worked. Then, Archer Vice. The first season where...   More

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