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Helena Crash: Fueled By Coffee comics review

By Leroy Douresseaux

Helena Crash was a four-issue comic book miniseries published by IDW Publishing earlier this year.  The series was written by Fabian Rangel, Jr. and drawn by Warwick Johnson Cadwell.  The science fiction action series focused on a courier with an independent streak who must turn to her friends when she finds herself in the middle of a gang war.  IDW recently collected the Helena Crash miniseries in a full-color trade paperback collection entitled Helena Crash: Fueled by Coffee. Helena Crash is set in a near-future scenario in which coffee is illegal.  Apparently, some kind of environmental crash made it exceedingly difficult to grow coffee beans, and obviously people went nuts when coffee became scarce.  In the world and time in which Helena Crash is set, coffee is a contraband item for which some are willing to spend large sums of money to obtain.  Even more surprising, in the world of...   More


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