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Darkseid Special #1

By Deejay Dayton

I often really enjoy stories that explore the world of Apokolips. I am fascinated when the authoritarian nature of Darkseid’s home is treated as an outgrowth of the character himself, his will commanding every element. Mark Evanier and Scott Kolins provided exactly what I was hoping for in this special. Kolins does a great job on Darkseid, and fills the terrible world that is home to three young people who escape from Granny Goodness’ orphanage, setting out on a spree to mock their leader and cause him as much trouble as they can. Each of the three has a very different personality, and Darkseid deals with each one differently. There is little hope in the tale, but there shouldn’t be. And a wonderful twist ending caps it perfectly. The second story features OMAC and Brother Eye, and serves as a resolution to Kirby’s series, which ended very abruptly. The payoff...   More


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