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Review: Lodger #1

By Andy Frisk

A serial killer is murdering his way through the midwest, and getting away with it by hiding in the open as a travel blogger. He’s being pursued by a former almost victim of his. Rickey Toledo’s mother was murdered by “Dante” and her father was sent to prison for the act. Rickey is getting closer to catching up with the charismatic murderer, not even letting a run in with local police stop her… A dark, gritty crime drama from The Laphams (David and Maria), Lodger’s slow burn draws you in and hooks you with its complex narrative and attention to detail and characterization. What else would you expect from David and Maria? Not only do they deliver a great first issue of a new series, they deliver former Vertigo Comics’ Editor Shelley Bond’s new imprint, IDW’s Black Crown, with its first solid original hit. The story’s protagonist Rickey Toledo is...   More


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