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Review: Deadman #1

By Philip Schweier

Neal Adams returns to one of the characters with which he most closely identified – Deadman. He didn’t launch the property in the 1960s, but he stepped in close behind original artist Carmine Infantino, and illustrated his early appearances in Strange Adventures and Aquaman. In recent years, Adams has returned to writing and drawing comics for DC. Given his legendary status in the industry, he has seemingly been given carte blanch to write and draw and property he so chooses. Unfortunately, it is not always with stellar results. This first issue of a six-issue miniseries revisits Deadman’s final encounter with his assassin, Hook, and the killer’s master, known as Sensei. Sensei killed Hook, who in turn was “killed” by Batman – a rather debatable point to be sure, and readers are not given a clear answer here. Hopefully with the recap out of the way, Adams will be on the...   More

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