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Death of Hawkman #1 review

By Deejay Dayton

The Death of Hawkman miniseries kept its name a secret.  It had been listed under the title Hawkman and Adam Strange.  And, to be frank, that would have been a better title.  Actually, Adam Strange and Hawkman would have been an even better title.  Even just calling it Adam Strange would have worked. Because honestly, ranking this as the first issue of The Death of Hawkman, it’s going to come out pretty low.  But if I rank it as the first issue of Adam Strange (and Hawkman), it comes out far higher. The story opens with a fairly dark and intense scene on war-torn Rann, with Hawkman in pretty poor shape.  But after that, the tale jumps back in time, and back to Earth, and centres solely on Adam Strange. It becomes very clear that this is the New 52 Adam Strange.  Alanna and Sardath look different in their New...   More


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Peepland #1

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One hopes that the writers have plans for the plot and characters beyond this standard crime story

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