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Lois Lane - From Girl Reporter to Superman's Girlfriend to Enemy of the People

By Deejay Dayton

Lois Lane has been around as long as Superman has, debuting in the Siegel and Shuster story in Action 1 alongside the hero. Over the years she has been portrayed as an upstart sob sister trying to do a man’s job, a Superman-hungry manipulator, willing to do anything to get her man to marry her, and a courageous investigative reporter, working with the police to stop crime and wading into fights as though she were a martial artist. A new Lois Lane ongoing series has just launched, so I think it’s worth looking back at the various series, miniseries, and one-shots that Lois has starred in over the years. I will not be paying much attention to appearances in other Superman books, nor will this be delving into the Mr and Mrs Superman series, from Superman Family. When we first meet Lois Lane, she is already working at the newspaper,...   More


    Swamp Thing Episode 1     
    Swamp Thing Episode 3     
    Books of Magic #7     
    The Terrifics #16     
    Justice League Dark #11     
    Freedom Fighters #6     
    Batgirl #35     
    Batman Beyond #22     
    Detective Comics Annual #2     
    Ooku Vol. 15     
    Influencing the Narrative     
    I'm Batman     

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