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Review: Batman TMNT III #1

By Philip Schweier

Back in 1981, Superman II debuted on movie screens, demonstrating how easy it can be to title a movie. If it’s a sequel, just add a number, because the original title says enough. Honestly, I consider it lazy writing. So, Batman TMNT III – yeah, we got problems. TMNT – not even the full name of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just an abbreviation consistent with this Twitter world in which we live in. And the Roman numeral III – meaning, yes, there’s already been a number II. I must admit, that’s a significant commitment to an unlikely team-up for DC Comics. Apparently, fretting over the brand of their characters is only a part-time concern. The more of these to happen, the less entertaining it becomes. Just ask Jason of Friday the 13th, parts I-X. But this time around, rather than reunite the Dark Knight with the Heroes in a Half...   More


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