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Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #1

By Paul Mason

I imagined this would be a fun comic. I am old enough to remember when Archie comics introduced Cheryl Blossom. I remember Betty and Veronica greeting her with some amusing passive aggressive hostility, I could hardly wait to see their reaction to Harley and Ivy. Two things jumped out from the opening pages. One it is the modern Archie art is more grown up and less cartoonish. And second there are some classic Archie gags within this comic. The art is especially special deserving of early mention as the Harley panels seen very close to her title's style, so in fact it is like two distinct styles in one issue. The plot opens with Hiram Lodge planning to bulldoze Sweetwater Swamp and build a university on the land. This catches the attention of Ivy and brings the Gotham City Sirens to  Riverdale. Not the deepest of plot devices for a...   More


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