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JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1

By Zak Edwards

Justice League of America/Doom Patrol Special #1, the debut issue for the Milk Wars crossover, is the exact kind of media I would have loved to see pitched. It’s that special kind bonkers that works in spite of itself and must have elicited plenty of eyebrow raises at that initial meeting. Mind you, this would also be a board that purposefully invites Grant Morrison to its biggest meetings, so they may be used to this sort of thing. Especially since this Milk Wars reads like a Morrison comic. Writer Gerard Way (with help from Steve Orlando) worships at the altar of Morrison here more than almost anywhere I have ever read. The Frank Quitely covers are the first dead giveaway, the “corporation that’s basically postmodernism” is the second. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For all the accusations that Morrison’s work is dense and unreadable, it’s never unclear on...   More

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