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Shazam! – The Better Captain Marvel Movie

By Hervé St-Louis

Young orphan Billy Batson has a new foster family that he resents however before he can runaway the kid receives the power of the wizard Shazam so that he can stop Dr. Sivana, enabled by the Seven Deadly Sins. Will Billy Batson be worthy enough of being the long-sought champion of the wizard Shazam and save the world and his foster family from Dr. Sivana? Shazam! Feels like a 1980s kids movie that does not talk down to children with educational material and a lesson to learn. Well, there are many lessons as Billy Batson goes through a hero’s journey while dwelling in the same kids adventure material as Netflix’s Stranger Things. There are echoes of 1988’s Big starring Tom Hanks. This is also the most Disney-like super hero-movie outside of Pixar’s The Incredibles. Many people who see this film will not know that the unnamed hero (he goes by...   More


    Raven Daughter of Darkness #8     
    Heroes in Crisis #1     
    Justice League Dark #3     
    Action Comics #1003     
    Justice League Odyssey #1     
    Batgirl #27     
    Titans #26     
    The Terrifics #8     
    Looney Tunes #245     
    Lone Ranger #1     
    Come into Me #1     
    Fairlane the Goblin #7     

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