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Review: Fantastic Four #1

By Andy Frisk

Dan Slott, who headed up the storytelling on the Spider-Man franchise at Marvel Comics for the past several years, takes over on The Fantastic Four. It's nice to see Marvel's first family back in print, and this is most likely made possible because Disney will now have control of the movie rights (and it's okay to allow the FF back into the pop culture realm of publication since they don't have to discourage the potential profitability of any movie made about them). Will the FF's new adventures be worth the wait, and the read, though? Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Slott's work. I haven't been inspired to read a Spider-Man book in several years. They just didn't strike the balance of realism and whimsy to me that they used to, even as late as the stories and titles of the 90s did for me. (Remember Cosmic Spidey?) I...   More


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