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My G.I. Joe Classified Wish List

By Hervé St-Louis

In January 2020, Hasbro unveiled its new G.I. Joe Classified action figure line of six-inch (or 1: 6) beginning with very popular characters in its first release. There was a Hasbro Pulse exclusive Snake Eyes action figure, a regular Snake Eyes, Duke, Roadblock, Scarlet, and the villainous Destro. I have not received mine yet, but this is one action figure line that I am determined to collect after having stopped collecting seriously for year. While the Transformers have continued without interruption since 1984, many G.I. Joe fans lost hope on Hasbro. But there are so many G.I. Joe:  A Real American Hero action figure that I want. This series promises to be the one for grownups like me who grew up with the cartoon and the comics as kids. These were great. Well, even though the figures have a futurist look that annoys me, I am interested! I would prefer...   More

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