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I'm Batman

By Philip Schweier

As graduation season rolls around once more, a video has re-surfaced of actor Michael Keaton speaking at Kent State University in 2018. He ended his commencement address with the words, “I’m Batman,” delivered in the raspy growl he used on screen 30 years ago. Fans of his performance react with joy at the thought, but I remember a much different reaction in 1988, when he was first announced as the star of Tim Burton’s big screen adaptation. “What? Mr. Mom as Batman? Nooo!” But those same fans were disappointed when it was announced Burton would not return for a third film, Batman Forever (1995). Instead, Val Kilmer took over the role, and fans were disappointed again when the role was recast for Batman & Robin (1997). Following Christian Bale’s success as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s reboot of the franchise, I don’t believe fans would have been happy with anyone else...   More


    Swamp Thing Episode 1     
    Swamp Thing Episode 3     
    Books of Magic #7     
    The Terrifics #16     
    Justice League Dark #11     
    Freedom Fighters #6     
    Batgirl #35     
    Batman Beyond #22     
    Detective Comics Annual #2     
    Ooku Vol. 15     
    Influencing the Narrative     
    I'm Batman     

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