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The Flash Movie

By Hervé St-Louis

After discovering that he can go back in time, Barry Allen decides to go back to the past and prevent his mother from being murdered. However, doing so rewrites the past and on his way to the present, Barry can no longer reach the moment he left, and instead, is pulled back into a time of despair, in a changed universe where he is the only superhero, safe for Batman. Can the Flash alter the past once again to stop an Kryptonian invasion of Earth? There were plot holes in this film, like, why didn’t Barry Allen go to the time of his mother’s murder to find out what happened, and perhaps with his powers, stop the events from happening. A normal person would have wanted to find out exactly what happened, and with his powers, would have been confident enough to take on whatever killed his mother. But this...   More

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G.I. Joe

Tele-Viper with Trubble Bubble

September 24, 2023 - 08:16

An overview of the G.I. Joe Classified Tele-Vipers with Trubble Bubble action figure set....   More

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Comics News

Pulse Con 2023 Overview

September 23, 2023 - 06:50

What I liked about Hasbro's Pulse Con 2023.

Cult Favorite

50 Years of Super Friends

September 21, 2023 - 10:30

Fifty years ago this month...


McFarlane Green Lantern Alan Scott

September 18, 2023 - 08:07

Review of the Green Lantern Alan Scott Collector's Edition's action figure.

Comics to Toys

Lothar of the Defenders of the Earth Overview

September 18, 2023 - 07:15

Lothar of the Defenders of the Earth Overview.

G.I. Joe

Classified Python Patrol Officer Controversy

September 17, 2023 - 09:26

The Python Patrol Cobra officers and the Python Patrol troopers have always been confused and mislabelled by Hasbro.

Comics News

Haslab Giant Man Reveal

September 17, 2023 - 09:18

Quick impression about the Hasbro Marvel Legends Haslab Giant-Man reveal.


G.I. Joe Classified Valkyries

September 17, 2023 - 09:10

A review of the G.I. Joe Classified Valkyries action figures.

Comics News

A Primer on Copyrights and Action Figures

September 15, 2023 - 03:13

A discussion/lecture on copyrights and intellectual property as they pertain to action figures.

G.I. Joe

G.I, Joe Classified Snow Serpent Review

September 15, 2023 - 02:51

A review of the G.I. Joe Classified Snow Serpent action figure.

G.I. Joe

GI Joe Classified Scrap-Iron Review

September 8, 2023 - 09:20

Review the G.I. Joe Classified Scrap-Iron action figure and his anti-armor drone.

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