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Her Bark & Her Bite comics review

By Leroy Douresseaux

Ages 16 and up Her Bark & Her Bite is a comic book from award-winning Scottish illustrator James Albon.  Published by Top Shelf Productions, this 2017, full-color graphic novel is the story of young painter, her charismatic lover, and the ugly dog that comes between them. Her Bark & Her Bite opens shortly after Rebecca, a budding young painter, arrives in the big city.  She movies in with her cousin who does not like it when Rebecca paints.  Rebecca meets a charismatic young man named Victor Koenig.  Although he is initially standoffish with Rebecca, he eventually embraces her.  The two fall madly in love, and Victor plunges Rebecca into a socialite world filled with glamorous parties where Victor is the center of attention. Soon, being with Victor pays off, and Rebecca has a studio where she can a paint.  Life among the layabout debutantes and dilettantes means meeting people who...   More


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