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Review: Adam Strange & Future Quest #1

By Andy Frisk

Future Quest must be the new name for the old Johnny Quest franchise. I'm not sure as I haven't followed the Quest family since I was very young. I do remember loving the old cartoons, even if they seemed a little scary at times. I'm more familiar with Adam Strange, at least as how he has been portrayed over the past few decades. Their meeting in Adam Strange/Future Quest is a fun, if overall throwaway and forgettable one, but it does create exposure for two franchises that hopefully will experience a renaissance soon. Adam Strange rides a Zeta Beam (it's how he travels between the planet Rann and Earth) and, as often happens, Strange ends up somewhere...well, uh...strange. This time he ends up in The Lost Land, part of the Hannah Barbara Universe. Dr. Quest and Race Bannon, with Johnny and Hadji in in the investigate the energy signal...   More


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