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Super Powers! #1

By Hervé St-Louis

Batman is missing from Gotham City so it’s up to Superman to replace him. But where is Batman? Superman and Wonder Woman both investigate and find out that Batman is being held captive by Brainiac. Will the heroes able to rescue their friend in time. Super Powers! is for kids and bigger ones like me. It’s meant as an easy to read introduction to DC Comics much like Tiny Titans. Super Powers! is also meant to revive and protect an old DC Comics trademark but that’s another discussion. Regardless, Super Powers does have an intriguing plot with a hidden villain calling the shots and manipulating Brainiac. Super Powers! is not a silly comics. The characterization of the characters is well done and there are plot points which were interesting to read. Brainiac considers himself the brother of Superman, having the same father Jor El. Superman’s parents are not dead and...   More


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